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Who are we?

EF English First profile

EF English First was founded in 1965 by a young Swedish entrepreneur names Bertil Hult.

Five decades later, EF Education is the world's largest private education company with a group of fifteen subsidiaries and non-profit organizations centered around language learning, educational travel and degree programs. Today, EF Education has over 31,000 employees, teachers and volunteers worldwide. With offices and schools in 51 countries, EF has turned the world into a global classroom.

We are _________.

International------Coming from a variety of different countries and different backgrounds

Team players-------Helping each other to achieve great things

Ambitious and committed-------Providing opportunities for all our teachers

Core values


Go above and beyond expectations.


Make things happen.


Love your life, love your work.


Deliver what you promise.


All details count, so stay on top of the little things - they can make a difference too!

Teachers profile


“Nearly every moment of my time at EF Shenyang has been fun and hugely rewarding. The school has allowed me the freedom to be creative in the classroom which in turn has helped me to develop my teaching style. Every day I get to know my students and colleagues a little more and it’s a great feeling having both relationships grow. On those few off days when I’m not feeling 100%, my fellow teachers are always quick to offer any help and support.

Living in Shenyang has been an amazing experience. In the summer we go for bike rides along the river, followed by local BBQ and beer while watching the sunset. During the cold winters we get massages followed by all night KTV sessions. There’s always something to do here!”


“I had no preconceptions of what to expect before my new teaching job at EF Shenyang. I was surprised by how easy it is to adapt on a basic level to new surroundings and situations. My best advice is to take to the new culture slowly.

As for Shenyang itself, the city caters to everyone’s needs like shopping, skiing, sports, movies, bars and galleries/museums. I stumbled upon a little art shop the other day with really cheap art supplies, which is great for me! The winter can get very cold, but you do get used to it! Luckily, summertime is hot with plenty of parks to explore!”


“After three years in Shenyang, I still find myself intrigued and surprised by this city. Yes, there are days when the pollution and fast-paced nature of China can be overwhelming, but I never feel bored or stale. Shenyang is a city where if you give a little, you often get a lot in return. Whether that be simply finding a great group of friends or new professional opportunities. Teaching has been both fun and rewarding. There’s also a great support network for new teachers to the school- just like when I arrived!”


“I've lived in Shenyang for almost three years now, working at EF Shenyang the whole time. All the staff at the school, from the receptionists, course consultants and local teachers to the management and even the cleaners have become like a family to me. My first few days in China were daunting but with the help of fellow foreigners who knew the ropes and local staff members who were eager to help, I began my journey into the strange new world of teaching ESL in China. Through plenty of training and workshops provided by the school I have developed as a teacher while feeling supported and encouraged.

Shenyang itself has become a second home. I love it for its chaotic shopping streets and giant luxury malls but also for its slower pace of life and lush parks and gardens. Also, the weather is great! It’s always sunny in Shenyang!”


“Having only been in Shenyangfor a short time, I can still say it hasn’t taken long for me to become enamored with the city. Working for EF has given me a chance to travel to a part of the world where I get to experience China in its authenticity while helping children develop and learn new skills. I’m so excited for this new chapter in my life where I get to meet new people while experiencing a new culture.”


“EF Shenyang is such a fun and motivating workplace! The Chinese and foreign staff are supportive and the students make the job so enjoyable. The school provides plenty of resources and workshops to improve our teaching methods and develop professionally as teachers and help the students improve their English and communication skills.

As for the city itself, I’m always finding new areas to explore- like beautiful parks, a growing arts scene, river and mountains for hiking and loads of cool people to make friends with!”


“EF Shenyang has been a great place for me to grow as a teacher and as a person. Like anywhere, the people make the difference. It’s no different here. I feel lucky to have a great group of people here that are both supportive colleagues and dear friends!”

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